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Supercharge Your Smoothie with these Six Add-ins

Don’t get stuck in a rut with the same old smoothie recipes. Mix up your smoothies with these tasty add-ins for variety and health benefits.

1. Coconut Oil - Add a dose of healthy fat to your smoothie with coconut oil. Don’t be worried about weight gain, adding a little coconut oil to your diet can boost your metabolism and result in weight loss. Mix with pineapple, yogurt or coconut milk and banana for a piña-colada flavored treat!

2. Raw Eggs – Skip expensive protein powders and just use raw eggs! You’ll be adding high-quality, bioavailable protein that easily utilized by your body that adds richness to your smoothie. They taste great with milk and/or fruit based smoothies and are the perfect choice for a post-workout smoothie. Quality is key when consuming raw eggs; opt for organic or pastured eggs. Bonus points for fresh eggs from a farmer’s market!

3. Maca – This vitamin-packed root from Peru is sold in powdered form and boosts energy and stamina. It adds a nice nutty flavor to your smoothie and pairs particularly well with banana, chocolate or coffee flavored smoothies but works in green smoothies as well.

4. Kefir – Many people find kefir easier to digest than regular milk, and kefir will add a more diverse profile of probiotics to your drink. Stick with the plain flavors to stay away from added sugars or other sweeteners.

5. Dandy Blend - If you love coffee flavor but are trying to cut down on caffeine, try dandy blend in your smoothie. It’s an instant herbal beverage that is promoted as a coffee substitute, made of roasted dandelion and chicory root which contain useful prebiotics. A coffee, chocolate flavored smoothie made with ice and almond milk might be the perfect thing to start your day to kick the coffee habit.

6. Matcha – If you do want to add little caffeine to your smoothie for a calm energy and increased focus try matcha powder. A mango matcha smoothie with your favorite milk or milk substitute makes a great afternoon pick-me-up to get you through the rest of your work day without another trip to the coffee shop.

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