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My Favorite Chicagoland Veggie Spots

Anyone who knows me knows I eat quite a bit of meat, but sometimes even I want a veggie meal. Lots of vegetarian friendly or vegan restaurants I’ve been to have some kind of soy in nearly every single entree, or a menu full of fake meat dishes – plants trying to be meat. In my opinion, vegetables, textured vegetable protein, seitan, or any other non-meat item trying to be meat just doesn’t work out very well. Why is the focus of a menu for a vegan restaurant on the one thing a vegan chooses not to eat – meat? Instead of serving mock salmon or vegetarian chicken, I love it when veggie restaurants celebrate veggies and fruits for what they are and make them the focus of the menu. Fruits and vegetables are full of life, beautiful, colorful and flavorful and should be appreciated for what they are! When I want a good, plant based meal in the Chicago area, I like to go to one of these four places that celebrate fruits vegetables and create wonderful, cleansing, and healthy dishes.

Amitabul - This vegan, Korean restaurant mixes a wide variety vegetables into most of their entrees and the result is flavorful, nutrient packed meals. The menu consists of soups, salads, stews, curries, bi bim bop, steamed stir veggies, savory pancakes, dumplings, juices, desserts and more. They even have a healing soup on the menu that contains Chinese herbs! Their warm, spicy dishes are great on chilly, Chicago winter nights.

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