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6 Brain Boosting Foods

Do you ever have trouble concentrating or recalling information? Brain fog can be influenced by what you are eating and drinking. The brain is said to be the most nutrient sensitive organ, so support it with these 6 brain superfoods.

1. Beets – The naturally occurring nitrates in beets can increase blood flow to the brain which enhances mental performance. Drink fresh beet juice for a brain boosting snack or add them to an arugula, walnut and goat cheese salad.

2. Oily fish – Salmon, mackerel, sardines and other oily fish are good sources of Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) which cannot be made by your body, so you have to get them from your diet. The Omega 3s fat DHA found in oily fish is the principal Omega 3 fat found in the gray matter of the brain and research shows that supplementation with DHA increases activation of the part of the brain associated with working memory.

3. Grass-Fed Beef – contains b12, choline, zinc and iron, all of which are important for brain health, memory and concentration. People deficient in vitamin b12 are more likely to score lower on cognitive tests as well as have a smaller total brain volume.*

4. Berries- The antioxidants in berries have been linked to improvements in learning, thinking and memory. Antioxidants also fight free radicals that protect the neurons in your brain from damage and slow cognitive decline. Try adding blueberries, blackberries, or strawberries to a salad.

5. Coconut oil – The Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) in coconut oil are a key ingredient in brain-boosting bulletproof coffee. MCTs have been shows to boost cognitive performance in older adults suffering from memory disorders after a single dose!**

6. Dark Leafy Greens – Dark leafy greens contain fat soluble vitamins E and K, iron, magnesium, antioxidants, B vitamins, which help memory, focus and brain health. Drizzle your greens with some healthy fat like butter or olive oil to boost absorption of the fat soluble vitamins.

Contact me today for more information on how to optimize your brain power.


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