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Although I’ve shared bits and pieces about how I improved my own health through nutrition on my website, I’ve never taken the time to write about my own transformation until now. Here is my story.

I thought I ate fairly well – salads and low fat chicken breast, “homemade” soups made from boxed broth with added veggies, sometimes organic foods and natural products, granola bars. I certainly was eating better than I used to – doughnuts and pastries, Taco Bell Chili Cheese burritos, fast food burgers and fries, pizza, soft drinks, pretty much the anything goes diet. So why did I still feel unhealthy? Why did I get so many colds, flus and sinus infections? Why was I constantly on an emotional roller coaster and why did, I never seemed to have clear skin? Why couldn’t I sleep at night despite exercising during the day? I was dead tired all the time, even on nights when I did manage to sleep the night before. I knew there was a connection between diet and health, but I had no idea how strong that connection was or what really eating healthy meant.

My typical day started out hitting the snooze bar as many times as possible before dragging myself out of bed at the last possible second. Then after rushing to get ready, I would grab a yogurt drink and a banana or granola bar to eat on my way to work. This seemed to satisfy my appetite, at least for the moment – or maybe it didn’t, but I didn’t know that because I wasn’t paying attention. Working distracted me from listening to my body for a while until I had an energy crash, easily remedied by caffeine or sugar, which brought me to lunch.

Lunch was again, “healthy”, usually consisting of a salad, sandwich, soup or some combination thereof from a local restaurant. Then back to work and a couple hours later, I would have trouble staying awake at my desk. Everyone has an afternoon slump, right? (wrong). I might have an apple as a snack, if I ate a snack at all, but more likely just powered through until dinner, which was probably a chicken breast or fish of some sort with some veggies and a microwave potato.

Then one day it all changed. I met a nutritionist who would forever change what I thought about healthy eating. He helped me discover my metabolic type, and the very next day the afternoon slump disappeared. Literally all it took was one day of eating in a way that was right for me to change my energy level. Any time I ate a lunch with the right ratio of protein, fat and carbs for my body, there was no afternoon slump. Magic! Better breakfasts also got rid of the need for caffeine and sugar in the morning. I started waking up with more energy and my moods normalized. I set a new level of health for myself that I strive to improve all the time.

My other health issues steadily improved over time as I learned more about eating healthier. In addition to changing the proportion of protein, fat and carbs in my diet, I learned about the importance of good food quality – grass fed beef, organic produce, superfoods, healthy fats and oils, and much more. The more improvements I made in what I put into my body, the healthier I became. I no longer searched for an answer to insomnia though medicine or exhausting myself with exercise because I slept better naturally and now if I do experience any health challenges, I turn to food as medicine.

Improving my health inspired me to help others make changes to their diet and lifestyle so they too can set a new baseline level of health for themselves. I specialize in helping people figure out what way of eating will work the best for their unique metabolism, and love to teach people about how to improve the quality of the food they eat to improve their overall health.

Let me know how I can help you on your journey to better health!

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