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My Training


In order to practice health and nutrition in a way I truly believe in, I chose to go through a holistic nutrition program from the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, Colorado which offers a cutting-edge, science-based curriculum including anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and tools for using food and nutrients as therapy for illnesses and lifestyle considerations. There I earned a Nutrition Therapy Practitioner degree. 


Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (NTPs) are part of the alternative, holistic health community. We are certified nutrition professionals that employ a wide range of techniques to determine how to use food as medicine to bring the body into balance and achieve optimum health. Educating our clients about properly prepared, traditional, and nutrient-dense foods is the foundation of our work.


I continue to further my education by studying nutrition counseling and blood chemistry analysis with nutritionist Jim Marlowe, the chief nutritionist at Dr. Mercola's Natural Health Clinic for over seven years, and through independent study. I also worked at Spins, an information services company for the natural and organic product industry where I gained a deeper understanding of trends in natural products, food certifications, and popular dietary theories.  


In addition to working with private clients, I have gained valuable experience working in the field of nutrition while serving in the United States Peace Corps on the island of Yap, Micronesia.  My mission was to encourage the Yapese people to eat more of their local foods and fewer imported processed foods. I had the opportunity to work with many mothers in small villages, teaching them about the importance of good nutrition for themselves and their families.


Sports Nutrition


To better serve my athletic clients and get the most out of my own workouts, I recently completed a course in Sports Nutrition from the Shaw Academy.  Athletes of all kinds from weekend warriors or rec league all-stars to professional athletes will benefit from tailoring their nutrition to their physical activity level and goals. I can help you with fat loss, muscle gain, endurance, supplementation, proper hydration and more.  

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