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I have gotten great results from working with Chelle.  She is extremely knowledgeable and extraordinarily passionate (without being preachy!) about helping people find the perfect foods for their unique bodies.  Already I feel more balanced, more satisfied, and I'm having fewer and less intense sugar/carb cravings.  Do yourself a favor, get off the yo-yo, one-size-fits-all nutrition roller coaster and find out your Metabolic Type today with Chelle.  You won't be sorry!.

- Heather W.

I am finally getting my mind wrapped around this new way of eating.  For the first time in 30 years (since I lived with my parents), I feel full and satisfied by the end of dinner! It is truly miraculous.  So far, I've lost 5 pounds, putting me at 15 pounds total loss since March. I know that's not a lot spread out over 6 months--but these 5 pounds just fell off! It certainly gives me inspiration to journal what I'm eating and to keep working at it. - Caroline A.

"How's it going??????????????????????????  Well....................AWESOME!!!!!!  For once (my husband) listened to someone about the sugars and has cut them out and has been able to eat meat and not feel guilty.  It’s been a week and he has been diligent and his fasting blood sugars have been in the 80's and 2 hours post eating...I think the highest has been 123.  This is coming from 150's fasting to 180's after eating.  He seems to be feeling pretty good and handling the stress of a new job better than normal.  The bike ride to and from work is still kicking his butt but he has a lot of determination this time.  He sees the numbers changing.  Oh, and the scales have started (to) back up again.  He had plateaued at 218 for about 2 months and now is at 212.  His moods are better which has helped the entire family." - Michele B.


Update: Today he weighed (himself) and I am excited to report he is at 200 pounds, down from his original 240 and the man is so excited and proud.  Yes, he misses his junk food to no avail but the loss has kept him in check and he can take an occasional treat without any great threat. Thank you! - Michele B.

"Moving into the 55+ age group, my wife and I decided it was time to start paying attention to our diet.   After a half-century of making choices based entirely on price and taste – we had NO clue where to begin and were totally confused and overwhelmed by the assortment of products, nutritional claims, and “new” attributes that we saw on product packaging.    


Chelle assured us that she’d help us to sort it all out.  I have to admit we were very skeptical going in – thinking she’d be focused on some really out there niche products.  To our surprise, Chelle knew exactly how to motivate us and get us on the path to eating better just by making some small tweaks to our diet.  Fast forward three months - my wife and I both feel better, have more energy, and I’ve lost over 20 pounds!  For those that may be a bit older and set in their ways – I’d strongly advise giving Chelle an opportunity to work you to help you improve your diet.  You’ll find her suggestions can be easily integrated into your daily routine without requiring you to substantially change the types of foods you eat." - Rich M.

"It was a pleasure to work with Chelle! I am nutritionally challenged. She was personable and understanding while she shared her extensive knowledge about nutrition.  Chelle suggested eating protein first at each meal to feel more satisfied, and I recently started to add chia seeds to my diet, and I felt full easily and more energetic throughout the day. She also recommended a natural product for my insomnia, and now I sleep better at night.  I highly recommend working with Chelle, she shares her wealth of nutritional wisdom with great patience and encouragement." - Meeling B.

"Chelle's nutritional counseling has definitely helped to give myself permission to eat the foods I actually crave. Thanks to her, I was able to see why the vegan lifestyle wasn't working for me anymore. With her food recommendations, I was able to stabilize my blood sugar and my energy levels throughout the day. Chelle really clears up any confusion around health dogma by helping you understand what your body is already telling you. We're all different, so it makes sense that we all have different nutritional needs. Thanks Chelle! If it weren't for you, I'd probably still be riding the insulin roller coaster." - Claire M.

"Michelle is a true professional whose knowledge on nutrition and natural food is further accentuated by her immense passion for what she does. It was an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to learn some of her knowledge and I truly believe I benefited from it. She clearly understood my nutritional needs and because of this I am able to live a healthier life. Now I find myself cooking healthier and tastier meals and most importantly feeling more invigorated. Recently I have also quit smoking and I can honestly say I now feel better than ever. Whenever I have any questions or concerns, Michelle is more than happy to offer her expert insight. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone wanting to improve their lives." - Gerald O.

As a traveling, working mom, with a spouse who likewise works full-time, we found it difficult to find the time to research, test and explore new and better food options for ourselves and two growing daughters. Chelle helped us cut through the trial and error and immediately focused in on the specific changes that would benefit us the most, including better breakfast options on the run or on the road. She helped to educate us on better sources of protein, introduced us to new healthy snacks, and generally educated us on nutrition. She is a wealth of knowledge and she was just what our family needed, before the doctor ordered it. Now, two years later, I continue to benefit from the tweaks Chelle made in my early-day meals and have higher, more sustained energy levels. In addition to the help she provided me personally, one of the best outcomes has been my daughters' interest in their health and wellness. They love that they are informed consumers and I consistently see them reading labels, and making great food choices. And, of course they love keeping me in check. I'd highly recommend Chelle for any busy family looking to improve their nutrition, health, and wellness. - Sherry H.

★★★★★ (❤❤❤❤❤)!
Words alone can't do justice: 'Chelle' WALKS the WALK by leading by example, THEN 'talks the talk' with her own irreplaceable wisdom from 1st-hand experience in her coaching & sharing with more of us so we may lead our own happier, healthier lives... - Keith D.

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Michelle Gillespie used to have a terrible diet, so she personally understands what it takes to make lifestyle changes to transform and tone your body. She offers a variety of individualized programs:

  • 90 Days to Health & Happiness will teach you to manage stress, how to avoid sabotaging yourself, how to make goals and stick with them, how to reduce your diet-wrecking cravings and how to prepare your meals ahead of time.

  • Her Jumpstart program will teach you how to shop for nutritious food, clean out your kitchen cabinets and better understand food labels.

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