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Packages & Specials


The right system combined support and accountability is the recipe for success in achieving your health and wellness goals.  Check out my package deals and April Specials!  Please contact for availability and mention specials when booking - limited quantity available.

Cut Chemicals Not Calories: The 28-Day Jumpstart 


Want to get you and your family on track with better nutrition?  Are you confused by conflicting health information and different dietary theories?  This 4 week program includes metabolic analysis, a complete pantry makeover, a grocery store tour, help with meal planning, and a follow up session to make sure you have all the tools you need to eat, cook and live better.  We will comb through your kitchen from top to bottom, answering all your questions about ingredients, food storage, what cookware is healthiest, kitchen appliances, etc. 





Ditch Dieting: The Total Transformation


Are you ready to make big leaps and bounds in your health and self-care?  Want to lose weight without dieting?  This program is designed to take you through a total transformation of health  with weekly 30 minute phone sessions that can easily fit into your busy lifestyle. Together, we will discover what is blocking you from achieving your health goals and look at all areas of health and wellness including clearing clutter, de-stressing, nutrition, exercise, stress relief, self-sabotage and more!


Special Bonus!  Packages purchased in APRIL include a FREE $25 gift card to Whole Foods so you can splurge on new superfood smoothie ingredients, try out a new food or get a couple of healthy lunches on the run.


Balance Your Blood Sugar: 2 Session (Anti-) Crash Course


Are you tired of relying on caffeine and sugar to get you through the day?  Learn to naturally control your blood sugar so you can improve your energy, mood and focus.


This program is GREAT for anyone what wants to get rid of their afternoon slump, people with hypoglycemic tendencies, and especially Type 2 Diabetes patients or people with Pre-Diabetes.  You will learn how to eat in harmony with your metabolism in a way that keeps you blood sugar as level as possible while eating foods you love. 



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