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Carrot, beet, fennel, nectarine salad dressed with olive oil, honey and cumin
Cucumber red onion salad with vinegar dressing
Smoked salmon dill frittata
Arugula, spinach, roasted red pepper and corn, pepitas and Parmesan in a citrus cumin dressing
Black rice noodles with green onion and turmeric coconut chicken
Post-partum hibiscus fennel gelatin
Shrimp tacos!
Post-workout smoothie
Baked whole paleo chicken legs
Raw salmon with salmon roe

In-Home Meal Prep

How awesome would it be to have healthy, delicious foods designed to meet your specific nutritional needs prepared for you in your home? It's easy to eat healthy when someone else does the cooking for you!  


I love working with busy moms and families to plan and make meals so you don't have to!  I also specialize in helping new moms get the nutrition they need to support their growing baby, get as much energy as possible from the food they're eating, and even lose that excess baby weight!

Chelle is endowed with a deep knowledge about all aspects of nutrition. As a breastfeeding mom, it's important for me to pass on nutritious foods to my child. With Chelle's cooking, I know I'm winning in that and also enjoying consistently delicious foods. - Sarah L.

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